Here you can find some resources that I find worth sharing.

On cybersecurity

[1] Chiff: more information on Chiff.
[2] Coursera Information Security: condensed version MSc in informations security I did.
[3] HaveIBeenPwned: check if you're password is leaked.
[4] Scattered Secrets: password breach notification service.

On cryptography

[5] Understanding Cryptography: good book if you want to know more about how commonly used cryptographic algorithms work.

On development

[6] CyberChef: the cyber swiss army knife.
[7] Libsodium: cross platform cryptography library.

On darknet markets

[8] data on darknet markets.
[9] NOS interview (Dutch): interview about Hansa Market investigation.
[10] Wired article: interview with colleagues on Hansa operation.
[11] Crime Dot Com: book on cybercrime by Geoff White.